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Top school with no GMAT?

Recently, Fortune Magazine ran an article on how to apply to business school without the GMAT. The link is below.

During Covid, there was all of a sudden more flexibility on the GMAT. Our candidates applied to great schools with no GMAT, sometimes with good results. There are indeed schools that will accept work-arounds to the GMAT– but will they post Covid?

For Master of Finance, I don’t recommend skipping GMAT, although I can propose a few names if you insist.

For a MiM, it’s a bit easier, as some top names let you get around it.

For the MBA, the top schools that are gateways to top salaries all have GMAT averages over 700. Having said that, there are some solid EU schools that offer a work-around, but don’t expect a top-10.

The bottom line: a good GMAT score make the process much easier, and the elite schools will not consider an application without.

No GMAT creates a situation where you are playing without all the cards, but this is not always a bad strategy.

I am reluctant to publish non-GMAT schools, so reach out privately for your free admissions appraisal. Link to article:


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