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Breakthrough in GMAT success

I am happy to announce that we have solved one of the major problems for GMAT test takers: lack of high-quality mock exams. There are two free mock exams offered by the test maker. However, there are no solutions or analytics. We now offer with our 1:1 courses a full e-learning platform with 15 full length tests. This provides the simulated test environment necessary to break into the upper percentiles. The combination of a personal instructor and the mock exams is the fastest and most efficient method to crack GMAT. An instructor shows you how to adjust your learning style to GMAT, while the simulations allow you to perfect the timing of the exam.

This 2-part learning method represents a breakthrough in GMAT instruction. We have tested it extensively this summer and are looking forward to sharing our method and obtaining more amazing scores and school acceptances. For more info about how it suits your personal needs reach out for a free consultation.


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