Admission milestone plan- I have found that most people need the following orientation to make their business school ambitions become reality: Identification of target schools and application shortlist; Roadmap to compile supporting application documents; Milestone plan structuring tasks and deadlines. We offer this package for CHF 590.- including a 90 minute face-to-face consultation.

Admission to top business and professional schools is very competitive. It’s logical, graduates of the best schools have unbelievable career chances. Ironically, applicants often downplay the crucial application management process, sometimes with disastrous results.

The most common mistake is a total lack of “sales skills”. This is a cultural issue, and European applicants are generally too modest. The other extreme is too arrogant, and this is probably even worse. The optimum application tells a powerful story of achievement, ambition and values.

Please do not underestimate the importance of the essays and recommendations. This is where the application decision is made.

There are many steps to a successful application. Below are some of the typical services we offer. Rates are reasonable and a personal solution for you will be proposed upon request.

NEW INFO: A growing trend is the video component of the application. This can seem overwhelming to people without experience or expensive equipment. We have video production facilities and can support with fast and innovative video essays.

  • Admissions roadmap and timeline
  • Application strategy, identify target and safety schools
  • Essay strategy, proofreading, templates
  • Recommendations
  • Translation of transcripts
  • CV in MBA compliant format
  • Interview training
  • Campus visits
  • Connections to present students
  • Assessment of admissions likelihood
  • Video essay


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