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I have been helping people crack the GMAT for about 10 years. I am a 2003 MBA from the Universtiy of St Gallen. When I prepared for GMAT, there was no course in Zurich, so I had to learn everything the hard way. After the MBA, in 2004, I developed a weekend intensive GMAT course that breaks down the tricks that I discovered.

The course was given very high rating from the students and since then I have improved it every year. Through my course, and private lessons, I have helped students enter the best business schools in the world!

To me GMAT is a hobby that is also a great mind training vehicle, and a fun networking platform. Most of my students are non-natives, and my methods turn this fact into an advantage.

Besides my GMAT and TOEFL courses I am an analyst for an Aerospace company with focus on downstream satellite navigation technology. I also lecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Zurich (HWZ)

I live in Zurich with family (2 boys) and my hobbies are travel, anything ocean-related (surfing, diving, sailing…) and reading.

Linked in profile: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/nicholas-barnard/6/b/661


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  1. Great score! I took it last month and got a 710 (and a 5.5 AWA). I feel like I could improve my qvtitnaatiue score a bit, but I pretty much nailed the verbal and I think I can live with the overall score!

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