Growth of the MiM

Today the FT reported that the Masters in management enjoys faster growth than the MBA (

The articles states that "many students see the course as a quicker, cheaper route to an executive career". The FT sees the MiM as quicker to complete than more expensive MBA programmes and teach a similar broad range of leadership subjects and technical skills. 

There are statistics to support this claim: 58 per cent of European MiM programmes saw growth in applications last year. By contrast, only 43 per cent of full-time, two-year MBA courses globally enjoyed a rise in applications last year, down from 61 per cent in 2012.

At GMATZurich, we have also noticed this trend, but we disagree on the underlying assumptions. About half our GMAT course participants go on to MiM or Master's in Finance. They are a different type of student than our MBA applicants.

MiM: this group tends to be recent graduates of Federal Swiss Universities, or top-tier European and US degrees. They often have a good internship already completed, or sometimes do the degree consecutively. They are pointed towards the MiM because companies do not hire our of top bachelor's programs like they did several years ago. A top second degree is required to access the type of jobs that recent grads have traditionally accepted. That is the simple reason for the growth.

MBA: These are individuals from a deeper pool. Many of our applicants are from abroad, or have done a CH FH. What they all have in common is a good track record of professional success, normally 3 to 5 years. And they are ambitious, sensing that they can rise faster in their (or another) organisation. While overall admission statistics are down, the top schools are more competitive than ever. Don't be mislead to thinking that a top MBA is getting easier to access.

Some applicants are in the gap between these two options. If you are not sure which is best for your future plans, let's talk! I will share success stories of applicants from both types of program.

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