Average GMAT scores of the top 10

The average GMAT score of the FT MBA ranking top 10 is 710. The individual school averages are listed in the figure. The career advantages of attending a top school are clear, and certainly drive the intense competition among potential participants. However, the GMAT averages do not tell the whole story. We have seen acceptances this year that were below the average. So how can this be? We were able to emphasise some aspects of the application that compensated for GMAT. The best way to compensate for a below average GMAT is: prove to the admissions committee that you are “highly employable”. If you have a good employment history and a profile that is likely to be snapped up be a big name corporate employer (whether you take this option or not is up to you), you will substantially increase your chances– more so than with a high GMAT.

But let’s be clear- a below average GMAT cannot be several standard deviations below average, and less than 50 points below, your chances start to go down.

The take-away: GMAT is important and should be taken seriously. AND it is not the bottom line. The hard sell is accomplished in the essays.
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